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Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier

$42.99 USD

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Immerse yourself in a soothing and aromatic atmosphere with the Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier. Crafted from Himalayan crystal salt stone, renowned for its porous structure, this humidifier efficiently absorbs aromatherapy essence, assisting in the emission of fragrances. The crystal light adds a captivating touch with its colorful transformation, creating an enchanting ambiance. With a high-efficiency atomization system, it quickly humidifies indoor air, promoting a comfortable environment. Experience the benefits of the nano fine spray, providing a whisper-quiet atomization volume of 30-40dB and a generous spray time of 10 hours. Powered by a built-in large capacity battery, this humidifier offers wireless humidification for approximately 6 hours, allowing for flexibility in placement. Transform your space into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation with the Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier, combining the power of crystals and aromatherapy for a truly blissful experience.


  • Compact in size, measuring 3.8x3.8x4.43 inches. This portable and stylish device combines the benefits of aromatherapy and humidification, creating a soothing and fragrant environment in any room. Its crystal design adds an elegant touch, making it a decorative and functional addition to your living space.
  • Operates with a power input of 5V / 800mA. This low voltage requirement ensures energy efficiency and compatibility with various power sources, such as USB ports, power banks, or adapters. It allows for easy and convenient use in different settings, whether at home, in the office, or during travel.
  • Available in three color options: White, Green, and Pink. Whether you prefer a clean and minimalist look with the White option, a fresh and natural vibe with the Green variant, or a soft and gentle ambiance with the Pink selection, you can choose the color that best suits your personal style and complements your surroundings.

Product Details

Size: 3.8x3.8x4.43in
Power input: 5V / 800mA

Package Includes

1 x Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier
1 x USB Cable

Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier - Yogi Emporium

Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier

$42.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Edwina Pagac

I absolutely love my Crystal Aromatherapy Humidifier! It's a perfect addition to my home office and allows me to create a soothing and aromatic environment while I work.

Montana Will

The design is very elegant and the crystal light is very calming, making it perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

Rolando Schowalter

he Himalayan crystal salt stone is also very efficient in absorbing the aromatherapy essence, making sure that the fragrances are emitted at an optimal level.

Malachi Farrell

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to create a relaxing and soothing environment in their home or office.

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