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Meditation Gong Decor

$39.99 USD

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Immerse yourself in the tranquil world of meditation with the Meditation Gong Decor. This exquisite Mini Zen Table Gong features a captivating picture of Chi and Eight Diagrams, symbolizing the principle of Yin-Yang sympathetic generation in Yin-Yang theory. The intricate design reflects the natural ebb and flow of Yin-Yang energy throughout the year, harmonizing with the rhythms of nature. As you meditate, the Gong's gentle sound resonates, creating a serene ambiance that aids in relaxation and mindfulness. Embrace the wisdom and symbolism of the Meditation Gong Decor, allowing it to enhance your meditation practice and bring a sense of harmony and balance to your space.


  • Combination of copper and wood materials. The gong itself is made of copper, known for its resonant and rich sound qualities when struck. The wooden components provide support and aesthetic appeal to the overall design.
  • Has a gong diameter of 125mm (4.92 inches). This size ensures that the gong produces a clear and resonant sound when struck, creating a soothing and meditative atmosphere.
  • It is a great home decoration, a wonderful gift idea, and suitable for housewarming gifts and birthday gifts.

Product Details

Material: Copper + Wood

Package Includes

1 x Meditation Gong Decor
1 x Mallet


Meditation Gong Decor

$39.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edison Klein

I recently purchased the Meditation Gong Decor and it has completely transformed my meditation practice.

Andreane Bradtke

The beautiful design and sound of the gong create a calming and peaceful atmosphere that allows me to fully immerse myself in my meditation practice.

Nash Morar

The quality of the gong is exceptional and the intricate design is truly captivating. I love how it adds a touch of elegance and serenity to my meditation space.

Adella Bergnaum

I highly recommend the Meditation Gong Decor to anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice or add a beautiful piece of decor to their home.

Violette Ankunding

The craftsmanship of the gong is outstanding and the intricate design on the gong is truly mesmerizing. I love how the image on the gong represents the concept of Yin-Yang.

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