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Orgone Energy Necklace

$26.99 USD

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Our Orgone Energy Necklace is a captivating piece of jewelry that combines the beauty of a butterfly pendant with the powerful energy of orgone and healing crystals. Crafted with intention, this necklace is designed to promote balance, harmony, and positive energy in your life. The pendant features a butterfly design, symbolizing transformation and growth. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and resilience found in nature. The pendant is made with orgone, a blend of organic and inorganic materials that are believed to harness and amplify vital life force energy, also known as chi or prana.


  • The Orgone Energy Necklace is designed with a rope chain perimeter that is adjustable to approximately 65-70cm. This adjustable feature allows you to customize the length of the necklace according to your preference and desired fit.
  • The rope chain provides durability and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The necklace is specifically crafted to harness the benefits of orgone energy, a concept that aims to promote balance and harmony in one's energy field.
  • By wearing the Orgone energy necklace, you can potentially enhance your well-being and experience positive energy flow throughout the day. The adjustable rope chain perimeter adds convenience and versatility to this unique and meaningful accessory.

Product Details

Material: Resin

Package Includes

1 x Orgone Energy Necklace


Orgone Energy Necklace - Yogi Emporium

Orgone Energy Necklace

$26.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adella Rath

I was intrigued when I first heard about the Orgone Energy Necklace, and I have to say, I'm very impressed with the results.

Domenica McDermott

The butterfly pendant is beautifully crafted and makes a great addition to any outfit. But what really sets this necklace apart is the orgone and healing crystals. I've noticed that since wearing it, I feel more balanced and centered.

Tamia Trantow

The positive energy that this necklace brings is truly remarkable. I highly recommend this necklace to anyone who is looking for a natural way to promote harmony and positive energy in their life. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that also has a powerful purpose.

Jermaine Orn

I highly recommend this necklace to anyone who wants to add a little bit of positivity to their daily routine.

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