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Tree Of Life Disc

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual realm with the Tree of Life Disc. This unique and vegan Shaman Drum is crafted with faux leather, ensuring a reliable and sustainable material choice without the use of animal skins. The drum's wonderful sound and unique design make it a captivating instrument for spiritual incense ceremonies and other sacred rituals. Its mesmerizing tones expand your perception of the world and fill the atmosphere with vibrant energy. The Shaman Drum produces a rich tonal character, akin to traditional wood shell drums, with excellent projection and boosted bass. It offers consistent performance even in various weather conditions, allowing you to play without limitations. Whether you're a seasoned shamanic practitioner or simply drawn to rhythmic beats, the Tree of Life Disc provides an authentic and fulfilling experience.


  • Constructed using a combination of materials including wood, rope, a stick, tuning keys, artificial wool, printed film, and environmentally friendly components. The wooden disc serves as the base, while the rope and stick are often used to create a hanging mechanism.
  • Including the Chakra, Earth Spirit, Four Elements, Owl, and Third Eye. Each design holds its own symbolism and significance.
  • Not only visually appealing but also offers great tones. The combination of materials used, such as wood and tuning keys, allows for the creation of resonant and melodic sounds. When played, the disc produces soothing tones that can help create a calming and meditative atmosphere

Product Details

Materials: Wood, rope, stick, tuning keys, artificial wool, printed film, environmental protection.

Package Includes

1 x Tree Of Life Disc

Tree Of Life Disc - Yogi Emporium

Tree Of Life Disc

$44.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cleora Swaniawski

The Tree of Life Disc is one of the most unique and beautiful Shaman Drum that I have ever seen.

Rollin Lindgren

Its vegan construction using faux leather makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable. I was blown away by the sound quality of the drum and the design is absolutely stunning, making it not only a functional instrument, but also an artistic piece of decor.

Ariane Heathcote

The Tree of Life Disc's unique appearance and sound immerses me in a spiritual realm, offering a meditative and calming experience.

Elmer Jacobson

This is the perfect instrument for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and their spirituality, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing music or simply appreciates beautiful art.

Kelvin Heller

I would highly recommend this drum to anyone who is looking for a unique and sustainable instrument.

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