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Yoga Pull Strap

$19.99 USD

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The Yoga Pull Strap is a multifunctional accessory that enhances your yoga, dance, and stretching routines. Designed with versatility in mind, this pull strap can be used for various activities, including yoga, dance, and Latin dance. It is made of elastic material, providing flexibility and resistance for effective stretching and strengthening exercises. With its lengthened design, the Yoga Pull Strap offers ample room for a wide range of movements and positions, allowing you to target different muscle groups and increase your overall flexibility. Whether you're practicing yoga poses, working on dance moves, or engaging in general stretching exercises, this strap can assist you in achieving deeper stretches and improving your range of motion.


  • Constructed with a combination of nylon and latex materials, providing a durable and elastic composition that allows for effective stretching, dance movements, and yoga poses.
  • serves a crucial role in fixing the ankle, straightening lumbar vertebrae, achieving the splits, providing lumbar support, preventing hunchback posture, facilitating stretching exercises, enabling in-place center transfer, and supporting mobile practice, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of movement and alignment needs.
  • Comes in a vibrant combination of pink and yellow colors, adding a touch of brightness and energy to your stretching, yoga, dance, or mobility practice.

Product Details

Material: Nylon + latex

Package Includes

1 x Yoga Pull Strap

Yoga Pull Strap - Yogi Emporium

Yoga Pull Strap

$19.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Orpha Crona

I love using this strap for fixing my ankle and straightening my lumbar vertebrae, it feels like it provides an extra level of support and stability which allows me to get deeper into my poses, achieving the splits and providing lumbar support.

Zoila Lueilwitz

I've been practicing yoga for years and I recently discovered the Yoga Pull Strap. I must say that I'm impressed with its effectiveness and quality. The strap is comfortable to use and made with high-quality materials that make it durable and elastic

Deja Ondricka

I love that it can serve multiple purposes such as fixing the ankle, straightening the lumbar vertebrae, achieving the splits, and providing lumbar support

Ubaldo Davis

It has become an essential tool in my yoga practice, allowing me to stretch deeper and achieve more challenging poses.

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